braydough bunch

We are a family run company. Lisa, and two daughters Chris and Steph. We've got heaps more family members, that help with the packaging, taste testing, and dishes!

Our Nana, Marian Thompson, had this homemade pancake recipe. It was handwritten in cursive, rips and stains all over the page. By looking at it, you knew it was a well loved recipe.  And loved it was, these pancakes were made for birthdays, on every first day of school, holidays, and plenty of lazy Sundays. When she passed, her pancakes lived on. We started this company to share with you, recipes from our family vault - in hopes they spark as much joy as Nana's pancake did for our family. 

We like to work with Canadian vendors to highlight the amazing goods we have to offer, right here at home. Our hope is that you sit down for breakfast, and enjoy!

- l i s a , c h r i s  &  s t e p h .